How to Read This Site

[UPDATE (12/23/2020): WordPress has changed the way pages are created and uploaded, and much isn’t currently working on our end. Please note it may take some time for the last few sessions to be created and uploaded while we attempt to work out the kinks. Thanks for your understanding.]

The best way to use this site is to read each question, which is in light blue bold text set off from the rest of the text. Then read the rewritten answers in dark blue bold, continuing on in this manner.

After reading through the rewritten portions in this way, it is highly recommended that you return to the beginning of each session and then read it again using the original text.

Doing so will reveal that Ra chose their words very carefully, and you will find a great deal of depth of meaning that simply could not be changed.

The original text is in a regular black font, and is directly above each rewritten section. By reading the sessions in this way, it is hoped that no meaning will be lost.

Please note also that Ra’s standard “I am Ra” statement before each answer has been omitted from the rewrites for a more fluid reading experience.

The question numbers themselves are links that will take you to the original of each question and its associated answer as posted on the research site,

Items in [brackets] show commentary by the author of this website and are not part of the original text, though a few items in [italicized brackets] were in the original text as written.

Some of the entries have not been rewritten because the meaning was sufficiently clear, so the commentaries in these cases are the same as the original. The opening greeting and closing of each session are left as is.

All of the commentaries are subject to occasional updating as clearer ways are discovered to express Ra’s words. This will happen due to the author’s periodic review as well as due to input from readers. The goal is always to make the material as accessible and easy to understand as possible for all who are drawn to this work.

I ask that any use of these commentaries include a link back to this website (, and that any and all links to the original text point to L/L Research (

I am commenting on original material that is sourced from, and copyrighted by, L/L Research. It is posted here with their permission, and is not to be duplicated without the consent of the copyright holder. L/L Research has not reviewed nor do they necessarily endorse the interpretations on these pages. as these are the subjective interpretations of only one student of the Law of One.