Welcome in the Name of the Infinite Creator

This the home to Morgan’s Law of One Commentary (formerly the Law of One Rewrite Project). I am the author, Morgan Mumma, a student for the last 39 years of the Law of One books by L/L Research.

I was inspired to do this work due to the great number of people I have spoken to who have showed an interest in the material, but who nevertheless have some trouble with the extreme wordiness and odd syntax used by those entities of the Ra Group. So that this very useful and interesting material can reach more people, the idea to do a verse-by-verse rewrite was born.

Please note that these commentaries are only one scholar’s subjective interpretation. I have done my best to remain as objective, concise, and true to the original as possible. Other students and scholars of this work may have different interpretations.

It is important to understand that this material has nothing to do with the plethora of “New Age channeling” that currently floods online video websites. The information was gathered under scientific conditions, requiring a particular group of three people working together while the “instrument” was in a deep state trance. The teachings received were clearly beyond the more typical information garnered from today’s new age channelers on YouTube, and a reading of this material will testify to its great spiritual depth and usefulness to many.

This will be a ongoing endeavor, the commentary for each session being posted as they are completed. At the time of this writing, most of the sessions have been completed, but as with most writers, life sometimes intervenes and delays completion. I’m also currently having an issue with the changes made to the WordPress editor itself, so this has also delayed my being able to complete the sessions in a more timely manner. I will do my best, however, and work is, as of this writing (November 2021), I will be dedicating more of my time to this project’s completion.

I also hope to offer PDF versions and possibly ebooks once the hard copies are completed. My hope is that offering these commentaries in this way will allow for printing and as a study aid.

The online commentaries themselves will be subject to updating as clearer ways to express each section is discovered, and input from others who find this project meaningful are welcome to offer suggestions to this writer at any time.

This online version also includes links to relevant information and graphics. These will likely be updated as the project evolves and as the author gains more insight, so if you find this feature useful, please check back often!

These pages here are a labor of love and are freely offered. May the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator be ever present in your heart. ♥

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Thank you!

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I am commenting on original material that is sourced from, and copyrighted by, L/L Research. It is posted here with their permission, and is not to be duplicated without the consent of the copyright holder. L/L Research has not reviewed nor do they necessarily endorse the interpretations on these pages. as these are the subjective interpretations of only one student of the Law of One.