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Morgan Starr


I am the author of this website, a writer, and a lifelong student of comparative religions, metaphysics, and the occult. I was born in Carmel, California, under the sign of Aries with Leo Rising, a double fire sign, to an Austrian mother and a Scots-Irish/Native American father.

I am an avid researcher of just about everything. I love discovering new information in an attempt to understand the world we find ourselves in. Much of that searching has included completing a degree in counseling psychology, and several certificates from various schools of metaphysics and the occult, including Druidry, Wicca, witchcraft, ceremonial magick (light and dark), paganism, and shamanism. I studied comparative religions in seminary along with Old Testament history and Gnostic studies. I have been initiated into various mystery schools, and I have studied with a Lama and have been initiated  in the Vajrayana Buddhist Red Tara tradition.

I have worked for 9 years as a paralegal, which gave me a great deal of writing and research experience while working for language perfectionists (lawyers), well before computers came along that made revisions possible without retyping entire pages. I have also worked as a chemical dependency and communications counselor, a professional tarot reader, a sound engineer for live music (trained at Heavenly Recording Studios in Sacramento, CA), and as a musician (bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals) in a few rock bands from the 1980’s up to the present.

Morgan Guitar
Morgan on bass, Ted Wohl on shreddin’ guitar. Halloween of 2014.

Because I’ve come to the conclusion that balance is a necessity when delving into the Great Mysteries, I gained experience in both the positive (service to others, or STO) and negative (service to self, or STS) spiritual polarities. I do not see one as “better” than the other, but I have made the choice to follow the right-hand path of Service to Others. This was not always the case, however.

Born Unto the Dark SideAlchemist

I am a member of the “bloodline” family known as Bauer (my grandmother was Anna Bauer). It was Amschel Bauer who later changed their family name to Rothschild.

My ancestors have been traced back to successful alchemists and magicians as far back as the Middle Ages.

From Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier:

The leading alchemist was a German Richard Bauer who was alive sometime in the 14 or 15 hundreds. Richard Bauer is said to have been the only alchemist who was successful in transforming lead to gold. Whether that report is meant in an allegorical way, or some other way I do not know. What I am trying to communicate is that the Bauer family was a leading alchemical family which secretly practiced Hermetic magic during the late Middle Ages.

My deep lifelong interest in the occult stems, I believe, from the genetics of this bloodline. Many things have been discovered to be handed down via genetics, including personality traits and interests. Once I discovered the science of alchemy, it felt as if I had found a long-lost friend.

In the early 80’s, I lived for two years in the San Francisco Bay Area in a house with several members of the O∴T∴O∴ (Ordo Templi Orientis), including the Caliphate at the time, Grady McMurtry. I learned much from the old wizard, and studied deeply into ceremonial magick, Aleister Crowley’s writings, and magical Kabbalah.

In my younger years (early 20s to mid-40s), I was quite naturally drawn to a well-known, and very negative, magickal organization. I spent 14 years of my life involved with this group, eventually joining its priesthood to continue my occult studies. (However, I wish to make it clear that I was never involved in sacrificial rituals or with harming others in any way. I saw this path only as a means to personal spiritual evolution rather than for the manipulation and control of other-selves.)

The Compassionate Satanist (lol)

Eventually, however, as I evolved on my spiritual path, I left the organization under not-so-friendly terms. The disagreement I had, strangely enough, was that compassion is a necessary component of the spiritual life but, obviously, this attitude was not supported, nor wanted, in the Temple. At that time, being an “elitist,” for me, consisted of expressing a sense of inner nobility as a part of the Creator that all have, rather than as an expression of dominance over others.

One of my mentors at the time was the wife of the founder, Lilith Aquino, and later Zeena Schreck, the estranged daughter of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Zeena eventually went on to become the High Priestess of the Temple of Set, but has since renounced Satanism in favor of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Through this organization, and from the people I had met, I learned much of what the “elites” wish for humanity. I would like it made clear that I had no part in the atrocities of which Lt. Col. Michael Aquino has since been accused. Aquino was, and is, deeply involved with various mind-kontrol programs, specifically MK Ultra, which he brought up himself during one of my several visits to his and his wife’s home in San Francisco. At the time, he denied current involvement, but enough whistleblowers have come forward, I believe, to counter this claim.

Michael-AquinoAquino, also known as The Colonel, once showed me his Nazi memorabilia — specifically a Nazi dagger — proclaiming excitedly how ‘cool’ he thought it was, but I had no real interest in it. My mother grew up in Austria during WWII, and I was already very familiar with Nazi history. I was well aware of all they had done and been involved with. I did not know at the time that Aquino was actually a neo-Nazi himself.

[I would like to state here for the record that I may be taking a risk by adding this information to my bio, but I have said nothing untrue about The Colonel here. I am not suicidal, and am in very good health. Under normal circumstances, this will not change.]

For those who wonder how I could have spent 14 years in the Temple of Set and not know about the darker aspects of their activities can be explained by their extreme compartmentalization between the degrees in the Order. As a Priestess of Set, I was at the top level of the public section of the Order at the third degree level, whereas the fourth degree (Magister) and fifth degrees (Magus) had their own closed door meetings that even the Priesthood was not privy to. Most mystery schools operate in this manner, using the lower degrees as a filtering system in order to find those who would be willing to take the next step.

Since leaving the Temple of Set in the early 2000’s, I discovered the work of David Wilcock, David Icke, Graham Hancock, Simon Parkes, and others in the Disclosure Movement, from which I learned about the existence of the very real intergalactic human trafficking programs, MILABs (military abductions), and more about the MK Ultra and Monarch Programs. Through various online resources, I began to come across some of the victims of these programs, and since I had been involved with the man who was responsible for at least some of this horror, I felt obligated, and maybe even destined, to reach out and attempt to help those who were harmed. This has allowed me to get a much deeper look into the mechanics and plans of the “elite.”

Of course, it was also through David Wilcock that I first learned about the Law of One material. (More on that below.)

In working with the survivors of these program, I heard first-hand information coming from survivors of the Secret Space Program regarding the reality of the ET presence on this planet, as well as humanity’s presence on military bases throughout our solar system, and possibly beyond. Because of this, I am a dedicated supporter of the Full Disclosure Now movement.

In any event, my educational and experiential background has enabled me to understand not only the philosophy, methods, and goals of the negative polarity, but I believe it has put me in a unique position to help those who have been victimized by groups such as these.

I am being somewhat mentored by Simon Parkes, whom I consider to be an abnormally gifted psychic, and who is a member of a bloodline family himself. Simon, an elected political official in the UK who was raised with a family involved with MI5 and MI6, has previously gone public about his contacts with several ET races, including Mantid and Reptilian, and has many talks on YouTube in which he shares his story and his concerns and hope for the future of the planet.

The Light Side

Having discovered the Law of One material shortly after leaving the Temple of Set, I immediately recognized it as something I was already very familiar with at a deep soul level.

After several read-throughs of all five books in the series, I knew there would be others who would recognize this material for what it was, but I found that there were many who are put off by the wording and syntax in the original text. This is my reason for creating the Law of One Rewrite Project, as an attempt to put the text in simpler, easy-to-understand language.

To me, it’s important that students of the Law of One material understand that the negative polarity, or service to self path, is not necessarily “evil,” though in its extreme manifestations it certainly can be. As Ra said:

The Law of One blinks neither at the light or the darkness, but is available for service to others and service to self. However, service to others results in service to self, thus preserving and further harmonizing the distortions of those entities seeking intelligent infinity through these disciplines.

Therefore, the positive polarity is more balanced, and more accurate. For this reason, I am now able to see the Divinity in others, as well as in myself, and the rewards have been wonderful!


My formal education includes a college degree in psychology (chemical dependency, family counseling, and human services), as well as a college certificate in graphic arts.

I spent a year in seminary with a goal of becoming a traditional minister or priest, and spent a year-long internship as a chaplain at a local college. However, these more traditional spiritual pursuits fell through when I unearthed the existence of the deep corruption in the Christian church systems. It soon became clear that the corruption I was encountering stemmed from organized religion of every flavor, soon realizing that all religions are control systems, regardless of the path.

Still, I very much enjoyed my time in seminary, and while there I spent a great deal of time studying Old Testament history (the study of the political climate and the historical context of each book), as well as the Gnostic texts that were kept out of the regular canon by the “elite” controllers. I have also taken several courses on comparative religions and philosophies.

My education, as always, continues.

12 thoughts on “Morgan Starr’s Bio

  1. Thank you Morgan, you’re making a very important point there about mystery schools being used as filtering systems. That’s why it’s never, or rarely, THEM (meaning ALL members of one specific group) who are (in with people who are) perpetrating organised and ritual abuse, torture, programming and everything that goes with it (like child prostitution, forced prostitution, child pornography, snuff, you name it) – but always only SOME of them, the ones that have been filtered out (plus the ones doing the filtering, of course). And it’s not only mystery schools that act in that manner, but also Mason lodges, and, filtering for different and often more secular jobs also many churches (tele-/evangelical, pentecostal, born-again, charismatic, some non-Christian ones…), some Klan chapters, some MCs, some direct selling businesses, drugs trade, pimping, in general positions with a certain amount of power/authority and/or uniforms – the private security sector for example – and certainly many more that I’m not aware of. (In addition to the whole business of blackmailing.) Thank you for pointing that out! And thank you very much as well for your Ra commentary, that must have been an awful lot of work, and I’m sure it’s of great help to many! -`ღ´-

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Nia. 🙂 Yes, programming is now used in many places, as you noted. I run into people on an almost daily basis now who have either experienced it or know someone who has experienced it. I wasn’t aware that it had reached into private security, but that doesn’t surprise me. It’s an ancient method, and it seems it has never died out.

  2. So that’s how you write a bio! David Wilcock and the Law of One channeling really brought the pieces together for me, and discovering your work here adds fuel. I will be checking in here often, I think.

  3. Sir Edward Kelley was documented in 3 separate occasions by royal court assayers to have occomplished 3 successful transmutation off less into gold using the red powder of projection. Saint Germaine was said to have accomplished the feat as well (just saying.😜).

  4. Thank you Morgan!
    Your story is quite gripping. Quite a trip around the block!!
    Reading your story, I consider you to always have been on the service to others path… even if that got overlaid for quite a while.
    I have a lingering feeling of participating in the negative path in other incarnations, but of course am sufficiently Law of Confused about it not to know for sure. Grateful to meet you here.
    I too share the Law of One with many, many people, and no one has bitten. And it’s okay. I’m excited to see how you present the material. I had often thought of doing it myself. Yay that someone beat me to it!!!
    I LOVE how Ra always ends every session: “I leave you in the Power and in the Peace of the One Infinite Creator”. There is no juxtaposition in using those two P words in the same context, imo. And I leave you with that. 🙂

  5. This is extremely useful. I enjoyed reading your so-far life story. I shall return again and again here in order to read always more, to keep on refining my understanding of the these beloved teachings

  6. Hi, Morgan, thank you for the great site. I love the Ra Material so much and there is that problem about the syntax/wording difficulty, and English is not even my native language! And these days, I’m re-reading the Ra Material, taking notes to combine various bits of information. And I see that I can benefit from your comments/paraphrases.

    I’m also greatly benefiting from N. Maharaj’s “I Am That”, which is exclusively focused on the Law of One in a wonderful way, as I see it.

    If you are interested in astrology, I believe you’ll love Jan Spiller’s “Astrology for the Soul” interpretations (Moon Node interpretations), if you haven’t read it.

    Such an interesting bio, by the way! 🙂

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